Sunday, February 17, 2008

Amidst Midnight Farmacia Flight

Farmacia [a
VNKX [de]
K'TK [it]

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

As the Speckled Bird Molting and the Cock Also

As the Speckled Bird Molting and the Cock Also is a humorous trip though my recordings as constructed on four-track by Mr. Clinger. Hearing this tape always brings me pleasure because he has revitalized my recordings adding levity and wit, which is not always obvious in my works.

40 x 47 by mud

The next two installments of this series are where I dig through my releases and piece them together so as to give an overview of the guts of my label laid open for dissection. 40 x 47 by mud came first and it features literally dozens of tapes all tossed one after each other using a seamless pause-edit technique.

27 mingling inklings

27 mingling is a further exploration of this self discombobulation featuring more recent works (1987-88).

Midnight Flight with 40 Deaf Lions

Midnight Flight with 40 Deaf Lions was an enormous undertaking with a series of small vignettes, like miniature slides of an alien vacation. There are more contributors on this tape than I care to list. Each are paired up with only one other group/person and given a few moments to congeal before you are returned to the narrator who is Mr. Minóy telling you about his "Midnight flight to Cairo, to discover the ancient hieroglyphics." I can honestly say this is an experience unlike any other. Play this tape for those damn skeptics who claim: "You can't do anything truly original nowadays, it has all been done before."

Midnight Flight with 15 Deaf Headhunters

Midnight Flight with 15 Deaf Headhunters ushers Zanguts into the 21st century with a BANG not a wimper! Fantastic new material from Monobrain [nl] is folded into wrenching mahem of Gelsomina [fi], Some Asian Female Bodybuilders [es], Larb [tn], Cheap Machines [uk] and pnu [be].

Midnight Flight with 15 Hectoring Linemen

Midnight Flight with 15 Hectoring Linemen rushes right in, stumbling, fumbling, taklikng and rumbling through your livingroom. An all-star lineup from Vienna (Harlan Lyman), Chile (Lluvia Acida), Memphis (Larb) , Puerto Rico (Guerroeterna) and St. Petersburg (Crack of Doom) in danger of crumbling before your very ears. Trouble.



Three other Zanguts-style* tapes are ZIDSLICK VS ZITSICK and Enders Game 1 and 2. They are all C-60's. Z vs Z is from 1988 and is an exotic sampler which is a compendium of the Big Blur. It is certain to give you a feeling of what that period was like. It also has a special disco fresh cover.

Enders Game*

In these two Zanguts-style* releases I take the last few minutes from many of my 1988 tapes for an exhibition of the concluding moments which I feel are often ignored and not paid full attention to by listeners. I think that by the time a listener is coming to the end of a 30 minute piece, their attention has shifted and they are at best lost in the piece and cannot view it from a fresh perspective. Minóy says the first tape was so frightening that he had trouble listening to it in one sitting. The sequel was composed and assembled in 1992.

The Return of Enders Game*


Twenty-Eight Remixes @ 28 Ans as John Cage Dies

The evil four-track workout you've been waiting for appears as Twenty-Eight Remixes @ 28 Ans as John Cage Dies which, as the title suggests was recorded around my 28th birthday, on the actual evening of John Cage's death. This is somewhat of a modern age Zanguts for 1992.